Our company has more than 60 years of experience (founded in 1937), and is located on a production site of 3000 square metres.

We have over 50 production machines at our disposal in order to meet the most technical requirements of our customers.

Our geographical location, close to the borders (Italy, Switzerland), enables us to use all of the existing export structures, and facilitates our European export activities.

The development of our business enables us to be present in many areas of activity:

- automobiles
- pumping systems
- hydraulics
- aeronautics
- household appliances
- ironware/locks
- miscellaneous (formula 1, cycling, agricultural equipment, electricity, etc.)

It has also enabled us to perfect techniques which are complementary to our business, such as precision grinding, cutting, serration and drifting.

Our skill base and our ability to adapt, make our company the ideal partner.